MEPRD Park and Trail Statistics as of October 2018.

The following table lists park and trail statistics for each City/Village within MEPRD's jurisdiction. Additionally, Madison and St. Clair Counties are listed. Click the column names to sort by that statistic. Click the column name again to switch from ascending order to descending order.

About the Data

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About this data. Municipal park and trail statistics were calculated by tallying only portions that fell within the municipal boundaries, i.e. not unincorporated areas adjacent to municipalities, whereas the County data includes all park and trail data. Parks that spanned multiple jurisdictions were split by those jurisdictional boundaries. When this occurred, each jurisdiction received credit for a park but was only given credit for the park acreage that fell within their jurisdiction. Public green space is included in the park data. Population figures for municipalities that only partially fell within MEPRD's jurisdiction were calculated utilizing U.S. Census Bureau census blocks. Bike trails also means shared-use paths. Bike lanes, shared roads, and MTB trails are not included in this data. Private and school sidewalks are not tallied. These statistics were obtained from current information MEPRD has on file as of October 2018. This information is expected to be updated annually. Errors may exist.