Freedom of Information Act and Requests

Freedom of Information Act

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act is designed to ensure that Illinois residents can obtain information from public agencies.

Tips from the Illinois Attorney General's Office

If you would like to obtain information from a public body, you should begin by writing down a list of the information you are seeking. Then prepare a letter to that public body’s office. If you are not sure to whom to address the letter, contact the public body’s main office and request the contact information for the FOIA officer. Your letter should include your name, your address, the date and a daytime phone number so that the public body can contact you if they have any questions. Describe the information you are seeking with sufficient detail so that the public body can find the requested records. Providing as much information as possible in your request on the subject matter may expedite the public body’s search process. You do not need to describe the document specifically and accurately by the same name the public body uses, as long as the public body understands what is being requested.

Public bodies, however, can require that FOIA requests be submitted in writing.

Who do I submit a FOIA request to?

FOIA requests should be submitted to the public body’s designated FOIA officer.

All mailed FOIA requests should be sent to:

FOIA Request Attn: Rene' St. Peters FOIA Officer Metro East Park and Recreation District 104 United Drive Collinsville, IL 62234
For additional information pertaining to the FOIA or related requests please contact Rene' St. Peters, MEPRD FOIA Officer, at: (618) 346-4905.

For more information about FOIA requests, visit the website of the Illinois Attorney General.