Outdoor Retailers Directory for Madison & St. Clair Counties in Illinois

Not all but most outdoor recreational activities require some sort of equipment/gear. For example, it's hard to ride a bike without a bike or kayak without a kayak. For that reason, MEPRD has compiled a list of Outdoor Retailers located in the Metro-East. These retailers can help you prepare for every outdoor activity found in our area! Click the red link below to download the latest Outdoor Retailers Directory. Click the blue link below to report a Outdoor Retailers Directory correction or update.

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Details about using the Outdoor Retailers Directory.

The Outdoor Retailers Directory is interactive... if you download the Outdoor Retailers Directory on your device, then open the pdf outside of your internet browser. You will then be able to click on any City or Retailer within the table of contents and you will be brought to that listing within the document. The listings are sorted by County, then by City, then by Retailer Name. The PDF can be saved to your device and shared with others, but be sure to check back on this page to verify you have the latest version. The document will be updated regularly as updates/corrections are received by MEPRD. The latest version is 05/11/2018, as identified on the cover page of the Outdoor Retailers Directory.