FY14 Park & Trail Grant Program

Metro East Park and Recreation District committed funds, not to exceed a total program distribution of $1,200,000, to be awarded to successful applicants of the MEPRD FY14 Park and Trail Grant Matching Program. For more information about MEPRD's FY14 Grant Program, review the links below. Grant Applications for MEPRD's FY14 Park and Trail Grant Matching Program were to be received by MEPRD (at 104 United Dr, Collinsville, IL 62234) by 4 p.m. CST, December 06, 2013. Applications received past this time will not be considered for funding by MEPRD for the FY14 Program.

If you have any questions about MEPRD's grant programs please contact Bryan Werner at 618-346-4905.

FY14 Event Sponsorship Program

MEPRD will provide grant funding towards certain types of community events related to parks, trails and/or recreation in Madison and St. Clair Counties in Illinois. Funds were made available on July 1, 2013 and will be available for request until June 28, 2014 or until all funds are awarded. Requests are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis. Please review the application packet to see the types of events MEPRD will and will not assist. If your organization qualifies, please fill out the application and return it to MEPRD. Applicants are limited to one event sponsorship per MEPRD fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

  • MEPRD Event Sponsorship Application

  • MEPRD Reimbursement Request Form

    Finished with a project funded in part by MEPRD?? Click on the link below to download/view MEPRD's Reimbursement Request Form.

    • MEPRD Reimbursement Request Form

    • County Affiliates

      Both the creation of the Metro East Park and Recreation District (MEPRD) and a one-tenth of one percent sales tax were approved by Madison and St. Clair County, Illinois voters in November 2000. Of these said funds, fifty percent is retained by the MEPRD organizational body (located at 104 United Dr, Collinsville, IL) and the other half is distributed back to the respective Counties. In Madison County the funds are received by the Madison County Park and Recreation Grant Commission, whereas in St. Clair County the funds are distributed equally between the St. Clair County Park and Recreation Grant Commission and the St. Clair County Property and Recreation Committee. Information pertaining to the availability and distribution of grant funds by these entities can only be obtained by contacting each individual County agency.


Let's Work Together!

Whether you are looking to complete a park or trail development project or looking to host your first bike ride or 5K fund-raiser, MEPRD's grant programs are here to help!