MEPRD FY18 Grant Programs

FYI: MEPRD's FY18 Grant Applications should be published here no later than July 1, 2017. Check back soon.

FY17 Event Sponsorship Grant

Metro East Park and Recreation District has committed $35,000 to the MEPRD FY17 Event Sponsorship Grant Program.

Applications for the MEPRD FY17 Event Sponsorship Grant Program will be accepted on an ongoing basis between July 1, 2016 and 3 p.m., June 30, 2017, or until 100% of the FY17 Program Funds are pledged, whichever is sooner. If approved for an Event Sponsorship Grant, a reimbursement request should be submitted to MEPRD no more than 45 days after the event. The reimbursement request form can be found two sections below on this page.

Download the MEPRD FY17 Event Sponsorship Application here

Note: several changes have been made to the program compared to the FY16 Grant Program, so please read the application carefully before filling it out.

FY17 Event Sponsorship Grant program details as of: 05/02/2017
FY17 grant program allocation: $35,000.00
9 events sponsored to date totaling: $12,236.00
0 sponsorship requests are pending consideration totaling: $0.00
FY17 event sponsorship funds remaining: $22,764.00

MEPRD Logo Download

Click on the links below to download a vector version of MEPRD's logo. Two files have been provided; a color version and a black/white version. MEPRD prefers the use of the color version, however the black/white version can be used if all other sponsor logos are black/white. Please note: most individuals do not have software capable of opening vector files, e.g. Adobe Illustrator, but the graphic designer/t-shirt designer/printer will have. Please forward the file(s) or this page link to them. A vector version of MEPRD's logo should be used in all instances.
MEPRD Logo - Color (Vector)
MEPRD Logo - Black/White (Vector)

MEPRD Reimbursement Request Forms

Finished with a project or event funded in part by MEPRD? Click on the links below to download the appropriate MEPRD Reimbursement Request Form.
MEPRD Reimbursement Request Form (for Development or Acquisition Projects)

MEPRD Event Sponsorship Reimbursement Request Form (submit no more than 45 days after the event)

County Affiliates

Both the creation of the Metro East Park and Recreation District (MEPRD) and a one-tenth of one percent sales tax were approved by Madison and St. Clair County, Illinois voters in November 2000. Of these said funds, fifty percent is retained by the MEPRD organizational body (Metro East Park and Recreation District: located at 104 United Dr, Collinsville, IL 62234) and the other fifty percent is distributed back to the respective Counties. In Madison County, the funds are received by the Madison County Park and Recreation Grant Commission, whereas in St. Clair County, the funds are distributed equally between the St. Clair County Park and Recreation Grant Commission and the St. Clair County Property and Recreation Committee. Information pertaining to the availability and distribution of grant funds by these entities can only be obtained by contacting each individual County agency.


Let's Work Together!

Whether you are looking to complete a park or trail development project or looking to host a bike ride or 5K, MEPRD's grant programs are here to help!