Projects "funded in part" by MEPRD

Click the links below to see every project funded at least in part by MEPRD. We have prepared both an interactive map and table for your convenience.

Interactive map of projects

Interactive table of projects

By the Numbers (as of 12/2018)

Ongoing Projects
# of Projects Underway:43
MEPRD's Estimated Commitment: $6M
Estimated Total Cost of Projects: $36M
MEPRD's Estimated Leverage Ratio: 1:5.5

Completed Projects
# of Completed Projects: 128
MEPRD's Commitment: $18M
Total Cost of All Projects: $100M
MEPRD's Leverage Ratio: 1:5.4

All Projects Combined
Total # of Projects Combined: 171
MEPRD's Commitment: $24M
Total of All Projects Combined: $136M
MEPRD's Leverage Ratio: 1:5.4

Total Number of Project Partners
# of Unique Project Partners to date: 59

Thank you to all our Partners for making these projects a reality!

Data disclaimers: 1) MEPRD grant amounts for finished projects are actual, while grant amounts for unfinished projects are estimates, 2) completion dates for ongoing projects are estimates and subject to change, 3) contact the project sponsor if additional project information is needed, 4) projects funded by the Madison and St. Clair County Grant Commissions are not listed within the data provided. Information pertaining to the distribution of grant funds by these entities can only be obtained by contacting each individual County agency. The data contained within the map and table is expected to be updated twice a year. Last updated: 12/2018.